Has anyone tried Colon hydrotherapy before?

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colon hydrotherapy
dreamychantal asked:

What can I expect
what is the average cost for a session?
How many will be necessary?


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Of course, since you are on this site you can look at the prices of colonics or colon hydrotherapy to see what to expect cost wise. Please see the article on this site titled “How to choose a therapist” for more information about how many colon hydrotherapy sessions you would need. That is a question that can’t be answered until you have been seen by a colon hydrotherapist to determine how well your colon works on its own as well as how well it responds to colonics or colonhydrotherapy. Many local colon hydrotherapists recommend and some actually require you to get 10-15 colonics or colon hydrotherapy sessions in anywhere from 10-30 days; this is a good amount of colonic treatments for anyone and anyone would see great benefit; that is why they do it. But affording that many in that short amount of time could be really tough. I recommend coming in for a colonic and consult and you will have a much better idea after that.

November 25th, 2009 at 9:44 am

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