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audria asked:

I just wanted to know if a colon cleanse dose as a good job as a colon hydrotherapy? Does the hydrotherapy romove more stuff?

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It depends on what you’re trying to do it for. If you’re just trying to clean out the bad stuff and help regularity, then colon cleanses are best, although the powders are usually easier so you aren’t swallowing a dozen pills at a time. Colon cleanses are typically mostly fiber and herbs that encourage regularity, so they are very beneficial and safe.
If you are doing it for a colonoscopy or something where your colon needs to be REALLY clean, then hydrotherapy is the only option.

If you’re wondering which is safer, that would be the colon cleanser. There are some things that should be in your colon (specifically probiotics) that an enema would wash out which could be detrimental to long-term regularity. In other words, an enema is only a short-term help and will make you more constipated if you use them too often. Fiber products would work with your body’s chemistry to keep things moving normally. Visit this site, if you want to know how to get colon cleanse benefits for your body

Colon cleanse is great for people who are serious about feeling healthier and losing weight.

January 22nd, 2009 at 11:59 am

I’ve never done hydrotherapy but I can vouche for the colon cleansing.

The one that works the best for me is this stuff called bowtrol colon cleanse. Although to be honest I haven’t used any other products so I can’t really compare them to others. I can only tell you about my experience using this one.

I’ve been using it about 3 times a year (once a quarter) and it really helps clean up my system. I think of it like a neti pot for my system (btw – if you suffer from allergies I also HIGHLY recommend using neti pot).

From what I’ve learned and experienced, doing the colon cleansing helps get rid of the toxins that build up in your body. It’s kinda like hitting the reset button on your digestive system. 🙂

The colon cleansings really helps puts a spring back in my step.

Anyway, I got the stuff I use through mail order. I put the site below if you wanna take a look.

January 23rd, 2009 at 6:54 pm

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