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detox symptoms
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Okay, A few years ago I detoxed from Oxycontin but I never really gave up drinking. I drank for years before I got into drugs. I never went to rehab and have relapsed countless times (on drugs). The only time I ever even think of doing drugs is when I beyond drunk. I recently relapsed a week ago when I was drunk so I decided to stop drinking b/c I obiously can not handle it. I am now in school and it is the only thing holding me together. I can not go to rehab under any condition so please do not tell me too. I can not smoke a cigeratte b/c I am so nauseous and it making it even worst. I am at around 3 days sober, I can not say for sure b/c I slept almost the entire time. I am not sure if I should drink a little each day to wing my body off or what? I am drinking anti-nausea medicane and it helps a little. Can I get rid of this foggy head symptom? I am sorry if I do not make sense, rough day. I would appricate advice from anyone who has been there. Rehab is not possible. Thanks.
My symptoms are more annoying than painful. 1. Nausea, 2. Fatigue, 3. Foggy Head and 4. very short tempered.

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Jockcn Good luck mate & stick with it & you will get your utmost wish to come true Bye & Take Care.

April 28th, 2009 at 8:09 pm

Oxy is an opiate. You are experiencing opiate withdrawl. Do this:
Take 4 Valerian Root- This will allow you to mellow out and rest (similar to valium) but it’s natural.
Take 2 Milk Thistle – This helps to detox liver and helps the liver to function better under this detox.
Take Immodium for runs..well it happens .. trust me I know!
Take a sudafed or two daily- for flu like symptoms
Take Ibuprofin up to 1k mg a day for aches/pains
Take as many hot showers as possible or sauna’s, this will open pores to enable a sweat detox, helps to progress it.
L-tyrosine 1500mg a day – This will clean your blood of the toxins
Goba- Atleast 1000mg a day – Helps to clear that foggy head syndrome.
Burdock Root – 2 Capsules daily 500mg total – Allows clear thinking
Remember, drink a lot of fluids, not so much sugar induced fluids though…Green Tea, 7-up, Water, Gatorade etc..

In 2 weeks you will be completely detoxed and eliviated of the withdrawls.

This has taken me a long time to concoct. My best friend is a herbalist, without her I would have died! Rehab was not for me, I am not a group person, nor do I like to share my vices with others..

I will pray for you in the mean time! You can do this, it’s hard to do alone, but you can. Beat the shit out of this addiction, take control over your life again, I have faith in you!!


April 29th, 2009 at 3:40 am

Ok Time for some Healthy FIX

Great food.

Just picture this as you read. A table full of the most delectable and healthy food you can imagine, its not junk food, there are some sweets but for the most part its those warm meat sallads, roasted veggies, fruit-salad, honey-dew melon, watermelon.
Cheeses with, you know that nice crispbread,

Can you see them can you smell it.

As you look over this feast you feel a sense of pride in creating it. You cooked all this yourself and the smells as you created these concoptions where almost intoxicating. You know though quite rightly that these are the medicines you’ve been searching for, you know that after a great meal you not only feel warm and charged, that your body will grow, and your mind will thank you for it.

Lets extend this now and picture the feeling 20 minutes after that great dinner, the gentle discussion free and clear of the haze which will only be temporary, you take that big deep breath and feel gratefull for the friendship that you enjoyed it with. The even better feeling is yet to come because this night after dinner you laugh and joke with your friends, and for the first time its really you talking not some bottle, some dirty pill some discusting cigarette, just you. Thats right, you should smile. cause your on the right track.

Contact me this is what I do

Yes yes listen to trial by jury, get through this and then get really healthy, you will be really health and an inspiration to so many, You can do this you will do this today…your brilliant smile, cause your in the right place.

May 1st, 2009 at 11:58 am

The foggy feeling will go a way over time about 5 days. The worst thing you can do is drink or use drugs this will not help but hurt you. Sleep is what your body needs just like if you had the flu.

Good luck and just know time will make you better.

May 4th, 2009 at 10:06 pm

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