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Successfully used Takara detox foot patches to treat horrible TMJ pain. Nothing else helped for YEARS, including Dr’s, drugs, etc. I put the patches straight on my face and the back of my neck and they have cured my TMJ pain. They used to turn black, but they are not as much now. I decided to use them to detox my colon because, after years of having Crohn’s, I figured the build up of toxins should go. I put one patch on the bottom of my right foot on the meridian corresponding with the colon/intestines. I had not had Crohn’s symptoms in MONTHS, not even pain. Within FOUR hours of putting that patch on my foot, I was doubled over with Crohn’s pain right in the spot where it always is. I figured the patch was working, so I stupidly left it on for 4 more hours. I was sick for a week. I waited 2 weeks; tried again. I bought a less potent brand of patch and put it on for 4 hours. I had the same pain reaction, so I took it off. I didn’t want to get sick. Why is this happening?

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Have you consulted with a physician or contact Takara to see what they say?

Typically during detox some old symptoms will come back, but it shouldn’t make you that sick. Perhaps there are other problems that you are not aware of?

Hope your situation gets better.

April 25th, 2009 at 11:24 am

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