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First Colontherapy in Boise to offer HCG!

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We are now opening up our HCG Diet to new clients! Please call today to find out how you can pay less and lose more using our new and improved version of the HCG diet! Its more affordable than you think! We include HCG ( unless you are using prescription HCG we help you obtai a prescription ), herbs, coaching, and weekly colonics or colon hydrotherapy sessions to help you reach your goals faster and be healthier than ever when you are done with your program!

We do not utilize the diet that most people download off of the internet to do our HCG program. While that diet plan is a base plan we feel that many of the items on the diet are cause for a plateau in many people. We eliminate any and all room for error and when we combine our diet methods with colon cleansing and other detoxification modalities we get the best possible result for each and every client.  Many sites and providers will ADVERTISE one pound a day losses. While that amount is POSSIBLE on their programs it is not likely to happen for most of their clients.  We actually advertise a lower rate of loss and end up getting about a pound a day loss as our average for over 90% of our participants.  We under promise and over deliver!

We understand detoxification and the role it plays during the HCG protocol and we utilize all of our knowledge and every opportunity we can to monopolize on the opportunity to lose weight each and every day that our client is doing our HCG protocol.

We spend as much time on the phone and email with the clients as needed to help them trouble shoot and in fact do all we can to AVOID plateus on the HCG program by always doing whatever we can to keep the number on the scale moving in the right direction.

If our clients have need to be evaluated by a physician during the protocol we have one standing by to assist us at any time. However most clients do great on the program and do not require anything more than what we already have built specifically into our basic plan.

The first cycle of HCG will cost the client about $475-$495 BUT… This includes their HCG as well as some detoxifying herbs that they will take throughout the program. It also includes a written instruction manual and consultation, and weekly colonics or colon hydrotherapy sessions.

The second cycle of HCG is discounted to $450.00, and the third cycle is $400.00, all others are $350

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