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me in black and whitePeople who know me today may not believe it but about 10 years ago I was a western medicine nightmare.  I was a in nursing school and while I was constantly learning more about modern medicine I found myself in desperate need of some serious healthcare.  I was a vitamin- popper and addicted to food and supplements and in spite of the condition of my own body and mind  I thought I knew it all.  That is of course until my pile of symtoms landed me in Dr. Steven Thornburg’s office in Nampa, Idaho.  My mother was also a nurse and lucky for me she was employed at Dr thournburg’s practice and had made an appointment for me to see him for medical help.

When I went in to see him I had a list of  symptoms that told him about.  I had no idea that so many things some irritating and some a little scary, could be caused by one “little” problem.  My list of ailments was one that I know many people typically would take medications for.  First of all I was absolutely exhausted; I would sleep from 8:30 at night until 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning and still felt like I could not get enough caffeine to stay awake for just the morning time, much less through the whole day.  And I was preparing to enter into a semester of nursing school that would require me to be up by 4:30 in the morning to get to my clinical rotation by 5:30 AM.  Not something I would have survived in my current condition.  Another problem I was having was that I was throwing up daily for no apparant reason. I never really felt nauseous during the day but I would wake up in the middle of the night most every night and throw up my dinner.  I was also continuing to experience the same acne problems that I had dealt with since around the time I graduated from high-school.  I had tried everything for my acne, anti-biotics, and other prescriptions, and every over the counter facial product available.  I had used Pro-active for a time with some success but eventually it began to burn my skin and felt very caustic for some reason.  It wasnt long before even just the roughness of a washcloth would leave my super-sensative face red and sore.  The final complaint I had for him was that in the recent weeks I felt like I had to pee all of the time.  There was no painful urination so I knew I did not have a bladder infection or any other reasonable explanation… I was pretty stumped by this one.  With how tired I already was, the last thing I needed was to be awake all night long having to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes.

Well, being the rambler that I tend to be I laid out my issues for the good doctor without taking a breath.  Then he did the unthinkable.  He frankly said to me without hesitation “I think you are just constipated.”  I tried to tell him that I was definitely not that, because I had no idea how many different lifeforms ‘constipation’ can take on.  I thought you had to be on the toilet pushing and sweating and in large amounts of pain and agony to be truly constipated.  Remember, I was in nursing school where they teach you “Whatever a person’s bowel pattern normally is, is normal.”  …“Everyone is different.” They would say.  While this is true in one sense, that statement is also SO FALSE in another sense!  If everyone was different we would not have medical practices that are based on any evidence whatsoever.  In the end if we were to peel a person’s skin off and look at their basic anatomy they all should look the same and function very much the same.  What truly makes people different is the person’s lifestyle and the genetics they inherited based on the lifestyle of their ancestors.

To make a long story short, he gave me the business card of a colon therapist and told me to get a series of 5 colonics.  Being the poor college student and single mom that I was the last thing I wanted to spend $500 on was colonics! But I took his advice and had the series done the next week.

Much to my relief, from my fatigue to my acne, and my hyper-active bladder to my throwing up, all of my ailments went away.  I achieved great results; along with many other bonuses like losing 10 pounds without exercise over the following month, and having tons of energy and people everywhere asking me what I had done.  I looked better than I had in a decade and felt better than I had in two decades!  My acne cleared up and the sensitivity I had with my skin went away also.  One suprising result of doing colon cleansing was that would also lay awake at night wondering why I couldn’t fall asleep.  I simply did not need 9 hours of sleep anymore.  I only needed about 6, which gave me more time for studying and more energy to take on a new work-out regimen.


So, many things have changed in my overall health now, but I can honestly say that colonics eventually changed my career path and truly  it changed my whole life and I hope that by sharing my story you can begin on a life changing path as well.

From a former sick and tired fat person to another, I promise I can help you make the same changes that I have made and share with you what it has taken me years to learn.  I hope you will call me today and make the commitment to become a healthier happier person today.

Angela Beckman, PN, CCT