Raw Food Classes

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Coming soon! Sign up now and reserve your spot for a raw food class with expert raw food chef and retired colon therapist and massage therapist Valerie Knowles!

Eating raw and vegan is the hottest and healthiest trend on the planet.  And for good reason; agricultural products if grown properly and c0rrectly harvested and prepared are the bodies best defense against diseases of the body and mind.  Many people have a fear of this new lifestyle because they have never eaten anything raw and are not sure if they will like it; or if they DO like it they fear they could never duplicate the recipe. Well, Valerie is here to show you YOU CAN!  Valerie’s dishes are delicious and so healthy! A few of our favorites are raw peach cobbler, raw almond cookies, and raw onion bread.  She can show you how anything she can prepare in her kitchen can be prepared again and again in your kitchen as well! Once you know a few meals it is easy to play with ingredients and invent even more scrumptious fare for yourself. Dont’ put this off any longer- it all starts with one lesson. Book as many or as few classes and you like and learn select recipes from Valerie’s personal collection.

Valerie has recently relocated to the Nampa area and has a wealth of knowledge about raw food preparation. Raw food is her life’s passion and she loves to share recipes and tricks. She has been teaching raw food classes for years. She will teach you how to choose the healthiest products and how to prepare them in a way that preserves thier nutrition.  You may reserve a party of just one or two people or book a group. Each class will include 3 recipes and shopping lists and tips as well as a personal demo and of course an enjoyable meal afterward.  This opportunity is truly a gift and we hope you will take advantage of it today!

Happy …(not)cooking!