Nutritional Counseling

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No matter which services you utilize at Alternative Health of Boise you can maintain your results more effectively by incorporating proper nutritional habits. You can also speed up the results of all of our services by consulting with our nutritionist, Jane Barton. Each client is taken care of individually and an optimum nutritional program is recommended for their specific needs. We focus largely on whole food nutrition and whole food based supplements. Some of our services include an initial consultation with our nutritionist. However, many people may want to continue with this service to facilitate reaching their goals. Jane Barton has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience that she is ready to share with you. Barton has been featured on television many times and can be found on the public speaking circuit helping educate the world about proper nutrition and the dangers of a lack thereof. She is an excellent resource for general information, and healthy recipes. She has a deep understanding of the chemical make-up of most foods and how each food affects the chemical make-up of one’s body. If you would like to make an appointment with Jane Barton please call her directly at 208 870-6989 or email her at jmbarton@cableone.net