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COLON CLEANSE IN A BOX: Often people call in for an ’emergency’ colon hydrotherapy session because they are in the middle of an at home colon cleanse and are having a terrible time with it.  Many of them will say they did not really need to do a colon cleanse but they wanted to try it and now they have been plagued by either diarrhea or constipation for days. They feel like they triggered an issue that wasn’t there before.

What consumers need  to know is that over-the-counter colon cleanses are designed to take advantage of a good reputation that cleanses using colonic therapy and herbs together have built for themselves. There are some amazing products on the market that you can purchase at a health food store or at your colon therapists office.  Sometimes people will do very well on these products without colonics but many times they do not get the results they are looking for, or worse end up feeling awful during the cleanse and stopping it altogether. Colon hydrotherapy is a way to cleanse the colon and make it stronger using the primary functions of the colon itself to do it. Pairing colon therapy with a boxed colon cleanse can assist the other organs of the body to release toxins into the colon for expulsion during the colonic. If you are only doing herbal cleansing and not utilizing colon therapy you might be doing yourself a disservice because the normal amount of waste that your colon should release on a daily basis needs to increase and this technically should happen without giving yourself diarrhea. If you do not eliminate during a cleanse you are asking your organs to release toxins into your colon where they could theoretically be reabsorbed if they are not expelled.

Doing a good number of colonics usually will change the way most anyone looks and/or feels in a fairly short period of time.  But the great thing about colon hydrotherapy is that it is preformed by a competent therapist colonics usually cannot make your problem worse*.  On the other hand boxed cleanses often contain hidden laxatives and fiber supplements in them and without colonic therapy this can give you diarrhea or give you diarrhea however if not taken with adequate water; there is a 9 out of 10 chance that the product will give them full-blown constipation.  Diarrhea weakens and dehydrates the colon and coincidentally constipation also weakens and dehydrates the colon for different reasons.

Please, if you are going to do a colon cleanse please use colon hydrotherapy in conjunction with it, so you are not wasting your money on something that might not help your cleanse at all. Try to set up your appointments in advance so you wont be tempted to quit your cleanse or be forced to see a therapist you know nothing about.


THE DANGERS OF DOING COLON THERAPY: Some of you may know that there are articles in magazines; some very prominent ones that warn people that doing colon hydrotherapy could be dangerous and even fatal. Ah, if only magazines were required to write the whole truth or to, at the very least, site their sources the debate wouldn’t even exist. I have read articles and of course even journalists have a tendency to exaggerate the truth in order to prove the point of their article.

I read one such article that actually was completely against colonics and colon therapy of any kind but was fair enough to site the sources of their information. I was not able to obtain permission to link to that article ( I wonder why? ) however, I was so grateful for having read this particular article. In it they sighted 7 different case studies where a person was harmed by doing colon therapy.  These clients were in pain from rectal tears and a couple of them actually had perforated their colon PERFORATED with the insertion of the tube!!

Reading this article I was literally saying out loud ” WHAT are these therapists DOING?” I couldn’t imagine hurting a client when proper procedures are followed; much less injuring them and perforating their intestines! To my amazement and relief this article had each of the case studies listed below with links to specific information about how the incident occurred.  So I read on.

Well, low and behold this article that claims it was written about colon therapy was in fact written about various hospital personnel administering anything from a pharmaceutical enema to a gravity fed irrigating type of saline enema.  And in EVERY single case the subject who was harmed was NOT in the left-side-lying position when the enema or irrigation tube was introduced into the rectum. In fact ALL but ONE of them were sitting up straight!! This is absolutely the single most vulnerable position you can have someone in during a colonic and one that any trained therapist and even a licensed professional would know not to evoke when administering so much as a suppository.

Perhaps all of the other supposed harm caused by colonics is merely another mislabeling of the procedure. Please do your research, don’t believe the hype. Anything that isn’t covered by insurance is always attacked in the media for decades prior to becoming commonplace. A perfect example is chiropractic care. Sure there are some chiropractors who have done harm but for the most part if they are practicing the methods in which they were trained and using standard precautions they are capable of helping improve ones health, and many of them do every day of their practice. However, before insurance covered chiropractic the media pounced on every story of injury. Injuries that took place at the hands of many people who were NOT even chiropractors who were attempting to adjust patients and doing so incorrectly. If you cannot see the sources of the information you simply cannot believe it. And unfortunately folks; sometimes people do lie and make things up…including sources.

On another note: There have been a couple lawsuits where people sued therapists believing that the therapist perforated their colon but that persons previous condition and possibility that they were perforated prior to or after their colonic remains a possibility. Their equipment they used is questionable and they lacked both the knowledge or compassion that I think a therapist should possess. No therapist WANTS to harm a client. In fact we do what we do because we really want to help others. So if a client is in pain during or after a session we usually are concerned for them. There are risks associated with nearly any procedure and certain conditions can increase those risks. If you have extreme pressure or pain in your colon you should avoid colonics until  you have been cleared by a doctor. And if you have a stretched bowel, diverticulitis, any inflammatory bowel disease, etc. you should not undergo colon therapy or any type of colon cleansing regime either at home or at a clinic.

And that’s my rant for the year 🙂 Hope y’all enjoyed it!