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We are now opening up our HCG Diet to new clients! Please call today to find out how you can pay less and lose more using our new and improved version of the HCG diet! Its more affordable than you think! We include HCG ( unless you are using prescription HCG we help you obtai a prescription ), herbs, coaching, and weekly colonics or colon hydrotherapy sessions to help you reach your goals faster and be healthier than ever when you are done with your program!

We do not utilize the diet that most people download off of the internet to do our HCG program. While that diet plan is a base plan we feel that many of the items on the diet are cause for a plateau in many people. We eliminate any and all room for error and when we combine our diet methods with colon cleansing and other detoxification modalities we get the best possible result for each and every client.  Many sites and providers will ADVERTISE one pound a day losses. While that amount is POSSIBLE on their programs it is not likely to happen for most of their clients.  We actually advertise a lower rate of loss and end up getting about a pound a day loss as our average for over 90% of our participants.  We under promise and over deliver!

We understand detoxification and the role it plays during the HCG protocol and we utilize all of our knowledge and every opportunity we can to monopolize on the opportunity to lose weight each and every day that our client is doing our HCG protocol.

We spend as much time on the phone and email with the clients as needed to help them trouble shoot and in fact do all we can to AVOID plateus on the HCG program by always doing whatever we can to keep the number on the scale moving in the right direction.

If our clients have need to be evaluated by a physician during the protocol we have one standing by to assist us at any time. However most clients do great on the program and do not require anything more than what we already have built specifically into our basic plan.

The first cycle of HCG will cost the client about $475-$495 BUT… This includes their HCG as well as some detoxifying herbs that they will take throughout the program. It also includes a written instruction manual and consultation, and weekly colonics or colon hydrotherapy sessions.

The second cycle of HCG is discounted to $450.00, and the third cycle is $400.00, all others are $350

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We now offer our own version of  the original HCG Diet! Our program follows our knowledge of basic cleansing guidelines, and fasting protocols along with the use of herbs, HCG and colon hydrotherapy sessions each week that you are on your HCG Diet. Our clients pay less and lose more than those who are following the original HCG protocol and are healthier when they are finished losing weight. We have tons of experience with the HCG Diet and cleansing so you are sure to be successful with our program. We are available for support 7 days a week unlike other HCG Diet centers!

Please call today to get on the waiting list for this exciting weight loss cleanse!

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TOP 10 Mycotoxin Foods

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*TOP 10 MICOTOXIN FOODS* by Angela Beckman
The next step in your path to health- eliminate toxic foods

Sugar ( cane and beets )
Hard Cheeses

*Diseases caused by fungi and their mycotoxins (Costantini, A. et al. The Garden of Eden Longevity Diet. Fungalbionics Series. 1998):
• Alcoholic cirrhosis
• Alzheimer’s
• Amyloidosis
• Anorexia Nervosa
• Atherosclerosis
• Balkan Nephropathy
• Bechet’s
• Biliary cirrhosis
• Cardiomyopathy
• Crohn’s disease
• Cushing’s disease
• Diabetes
• Muscular Dystrophy
• Encephalopathy
• Ergotism
• Familial Mediterranean Fever
• Gout
• Heart failure
• Hyperactivity Syndrome
• Hyperaldosteronism
• Hyperlipidemia (high lipids)
• Hypertension
• Infertility
• IgA Nephropathy
• Kidney stones
• Leukocytoclastic vasculitis
• Inflammatory bowel disease
• Mollaret’s meningitis
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Nephritis (kidney inflammation)

• Obesity
• Osteoarthritis
• Osteoporosis
• Precocious puberty
• Psoriasis
• Pulmonary Hypertension
• Raynaud’s Syndrome/disease
• Reye’s syndrome
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Sarcoidosis
• Scleroderma
• Shoulder-hand syndrome
• Thrombocytopenic purpura
• (low platelets)
• Vasculitis


What will I feel like?

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Detox album cover
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Detox Symptoms

When your body is healing it may go through several phases of detox symptoms. It is important to allow your body to go through these symptoms and not try to interfere by treating the symptoms with medications or by assuming that your detox is making you sick and stopping the process.  Here are a few things you may notice.

At first you may feel tired and sleepy.  You may get headaches and although you will not be actually hungry you will notice that your stomach feels very ‘empty’ and hollow.  You may feel slightly queasy. This can bother people but if you know to expect it you can learn to see it for what it is.  You may take aspirin or Tylenol for headaches but do not take anything for stomach upset. It will go away on its own and those types of stomach meds will stop your detox.  Many times the headache is caused either by withdrawal from caffeine or sugar or other substance or can be a sign that your body is detoxing at a rate that your bowels have not fully compensated for.  Make sure your bowel patterns are a priority at all times; not only for this reason but for weight loss as well.

Throughout your cleanse you may also experience symptoms from viruses or bacterial illnesses that have been stored in your system and lying dormant.  Drinking plenty of water and keeping bowels moving will eliminate these toxins and their symptoms faster.

Some people don’t realize that the skin is the largest detoxifying organ of the body.  Making it crucial to avoid contact with toxins as well as food grade fats and oils that can be readily absorbed; and may have a profound effect on your weight.  The skin may erupt in a rash or acne during a detox.  One of the things you can do to help facilitate a full detox through your skin is dry skin brushing, and short soap-free showers (only using soap in delicate areas).  Dry skin brushing removes a small layer of dead skin cells as well as dirt that may be on the surface of the skin.  To be quite honest, soap is not necessary at any time.  It washes away your skins own natural oils as well as friendly bacteria that act as your body’s first layer of defense.

If you are going to soak in a bathtub add about 1 cup of Epsom salt to the water to open up your skins pores and facilitate a good release through the skin.  You may rinse in a short cool shower afterward. (Please see the skin brushing info attached)

Something else you may feel is that you tire easily or have a hard time doing things like climbing stairs quickly.  This, possible symptom of detox, however is entirely up to you.  When you are detoxing, on any good detox program your body is under a different type of strain than you might be accustomed to.  If you take it easy and limit your physical activities and rely on things like walking and mild yoga for exercise you should expect to have more energy and a better sense of well-being than you might have at any other point in your life.  If, however you choose to attempt strenuous activity you will find out very quickly that your body wants nothing to do with it at this point and you will feel tired, short-winded and may get hungry or irritable and sleepy.  Detoxing works best under mild activity levels, and in fact, if weight loss is your goal over-activity will actually be counterproductive, so take it easy.  If you are not overly active, have passed the first few days of cleansing, are getting plenty of sleep and still feel very worn down you may be either near your time of the month, are heavily detoxing or are dehydrated.



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