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Detox Symptoms Help?

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detox symptoms
Ann Coulter is a… asked:

Okay, A few years ago I detoxed from Oxycontin but I never really gave up drinking. I drank for years before I got into drugs. I never went to rehab and have relapsed countless times (on drugs). The only time I ever even think of doing drugs is when I beyond drunk. I recently relapsed a week ago when I was drunk so I decided to stop drinking b/c I obiously can not handle it. I am now in school and it is the only thing holding me together. I can not go to rehab under any condition so please do not tell me too. I can not smoke a cigeratte b/c I am so nauseous and it making it even worst. I am at around 3 days sober, I can not say for sure b/c I slept almost the entire time. I am not sure if I should drink a little each day to wing my body off or what? I am drinking anti-nausea medicane and it helps a little. Can I get rid of this foggy head symptom? I am sorry if I do not make sense, rough day. I would appricate advice from anyone who has been there. Rehab is not possible. Thanks.
My symptoms are more annoying than painful. 1. Nausea, 2. Fatigue, 3. Foggy Head and 4. very short tempered.

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