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detox symptoms
Sweetness asked:

Just curious. My sister-in-law Deanna is the mother of 4 kids, two adults, two minors. Her alcoholism has progressed a lot in the past 3 years since I first met her until now. The kids tell me that now she is having to get up and drink early in the morning to manage all of her withdrawel symptoms. I don’t think she is going to get help, but i’m curious about how would someone this advanced detox and get help? Please share a story, or any information that you know about this. Thanks in advance.
just looking for answers to the question, not so much for my sis-in-law as she will never get treatment – intervention won’t work, long family history, gets drunk daily with hubby, kids, and her mother. Yes, I’ve called everyone under the sun about protection for kids – no response. I’ve been told being an alcoholic isn’t a crime by childrens protective services and law enforcement. Just curious if she did get help, the medical side of what would be necessary to get her detoxed and into a rehab. Thanks much for all the answers!


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