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HCG Diet and Colon hydrotherapy

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So many people who know me very well are shocked when they find out that I am now advocating the HCG Diet; so much so that I am offering an HCG Diet program to my clients.

I have to respond to this reaction because I totally understand thier concern. The whole idea of men and women taking a hormone like substance and limiting thier caloric intake for a long period of time to lose weight seems absurd. In fact, I first heard about the HCG Diet from a woman who came to me while doing HCG diet and knew she needed colonic or colon hydrotherapy sessions to make her HCG diet and weight loss more effective. I thought what she was doing was crazy and downright dangerous.

But after looking closely at the program I realized that it was nothing more than a lengthy partial-fast. Because I do colon hydrotherapy, fasting cleanses are something I am very comfortable with. Not to mention something I know a lot about! So, looking closer at the original HCG diet program I did notice that it had a lot of room for error and wasn’t the best written cleanse I had seen.

Nonetheless, it was a breakthrough in the 50′s when it was first introduced and it did in fact seem to help peoples’ bodies live on fat stores that had been painfully resistant to diet and excercise as it does during pregnancy.

So, I put all of my own knowledge into changing this poorly planned cleanse and made it into something that would work for anyone, under the most severe detoxifying needs. Combining the HCG with herbs, and colon hydrotherapy my clients not only lose more fat, than people who are paying twice what I charge but they are also getting the benefits of colon hydrotherapy throughtout the program. They have fewer headaches and other symptoms of detox and there bowels continue to move more than ever while they are cleansing, which will make thier entire digestive system work better for the long term.

So, while I would not recommend the original HCG protocol I have devised a plan that works really well and follows all of the basic rules of fasting and detoxing. This is a program that is the most powerful weight loss program I personally have ever seen.  I have been collaborating with a local doctor and both of us have to agree that while women in Peri or post menopause will have the most difficulty losing weight they will indeed lose it faster and easier on HCG than on any other program.  This is a really great way to jump-start weight loss or lose all the weight you need to or shave off those last 15 pounds.  Its fast and we have made it very affordable and healthy. You will go on this program and when you are done your body and digestive system will be in better health than ever before!

Biggest Loser? Eat your heart out!

Our HCG protocol is a winning combination of a lengthy partial fast ( VLCD) and colon cleansing program combined with some of the traditional methods use by Dr Simmeons. Our clients are losing tons of fat and benefiting from a simultaneous detox program. Many people say that HCG doesnt make you lose weight- and this is indeed true. If you took it you would not lose anything. But taking HCG while doing the program makes hunger virtually non-existent and the losses from one day to the next do appear to be about double what is lost when doing a program like this without HCG.  The fat my clients are losing seems to be more in the areas where it was stubborn and ‘stuck’ no matter what and thier bodies are reshaping.  This old program has been made new and it works like a miracle for many who have tried other things without fast success.  Shed unwanted fat and release your body from toxins and addictions that have sabotaged you in the past!! Our program is more affordable than any local provider and has so much more to offer. What do YOU have to lose??

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Has anyone tried Colon hydrotherapy before?

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colon hydrotherapy
dreamychantal asked:

What can I expect
what is the average cost for a session?
How many will be necessary?


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What are your experiences of colon hydrotherapy?

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colon hydrotherapy
maria asked:

I have been diagnosed with i.b.s im also quite worried as a number of family members have dies from stomach and colon cancer. I am trying to regulate my diet and be very careful, i would like to know your experiences of colon hydrotherapy, and colonic irrigation. I would love to know more about it and a good place to get it done in london, how much it costs how often to go and what are the results like.


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